Research Propositions

We have created this new opportunity for IOs and NGOs in order to promote the joint project development between academics (that qualify for SNIS funding) and IOs /NGOs (that do not directly qualify for funding but whose cooperation is sought actively in SNIS projects). So, in this sense submitting a research proposition is like tapping into an indirect funding opportunity.

The procedure to submit a research proposition is straightforward and takes about 7 minutes. Three steps are necessary:
Create an account http://snis.ch/user/register . It is important that anyone wishing to make a research proposition should indicate his / her role as either "IO member" or "NGO member". Following the inscription you will receive a confirmation email with a link to change your password.
Fill in your profile. Once you have filled in all mandatory fields you can upgrade your role to "submitter"
Submit your proposition. We highly recommend that you upload an anchor image that symbolizes the contents / area of research. This will get you much more attention than text alone.

If you wish to create your own research proposition, please follow these instructions.

No research proposition at the moment.