Project Publications

Project: Taxation and International Development: North-South Conflicts over Capital Flight and International Taxation Issues after WWII (1945-1970)

Project: Civilian Victimization and Conflict Escalation

Project: Understanding Rights Practices in the World Heritage System: Lessons from the Asia Pacific

Project: A "Social Clause" through the Back Door? Labor Provisions in Preferential Trade Agreements

Project: Demographic Change and Private Sector Disability Management in Australia, Canada, China and Switzerland: A comparative Study

Project: Aiding Peace? Donor Behavior in Conflict-Affected Countries

Project: The effects of large-scale land acquisitions (LSLA) on households in rural communities of the Global South: gender relations, decision making and food security

Project: Diffusion of Clean Energy Technology for Green Economy in Developing Countries

Project: WASH in the context of maternal health and menstrual hygiene

Project: Trade and Conflict: a network approach

Project: Children of refugees in Europe: Aspirations, social and economic lives, identity and transnational linkages

Project: Time to look at girls: adolescent girls migration and development

Project: (Un)Sustainable Food Consumption Dynamics in South/Southeast Asia: Changing Patterns, Practices and Policies among “New Consumers” in India and the Philippines

Project: From Rule-takers to Rule-makers: Emerging Powers in the Regulation of International Trade

Project: Trends and Influence of Private Finance on Global Health Initiatives and Development Goals in Resource-constrained Countries

Project: The Intersectionality of Human Rights Violations and Multiple Grounds of Discrimination

Project: Breaking the Dynamics of Emotions and Fear in Conflict and Reconstruction

Project: Integrated Analyses of Human Dimensions and Policy Implications of Cross-Border Migration on Vector-Borne Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) in the Andes-Amazon Region

Project: Environmental Change and Migration

Project: Refugee Flows and Transnational Ethnic Linkages

Project: Socio-psychological Impacts of the Agricultural Policies: An Interdisciplinary and Comparative Study (Switzerland, France and Québec)

Project: Governance by Contract? The Impact of the International Finance Corporation's Social Conditionality on Worker Organization and Social Dialogue

Project: The Proliferation of Multilateral Funds

Project: Sustainable Land Management in Mountain Regions of Bolivia and Nepal in the Context of Outmigration, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction

Project: Impact of Globalization on Opportunities for Human Development

Project: Examining Global Partnerships to Improve Innovation and Access to Medicines on a Sustainable, Priority Needs Basis: MDG 8, Target 8.E

Project: Individual Preferences for International Environmental Cooperation

Project: A Multi-Scale Approach to Land Governance in Complex Cultural, Environmental and Institutional Contexts. Development of a Comparative GIS Methodology Linking Land Use, Land Cover and Land Tenure from the Cases of Bolivia and the Lao PDR

Project: Mountlennium: Reaching Millennium Development Goals through Regional Mountain Governance

Project: Mobile Access to Knowledge: Culture and Safety in Africa. Documenting and assessing the impact of cultural events and public art on urban safety.

Project: Socio-ecological Networks and Resilience of Vulnerable Communities to Global Environmental Change: an Arctic-Alpine Comparison of Social Network Governance (ArcAlpNet)

Project: Large Scale Land Acquisitions in Southeast Asia: Rural Transformations between Global Agendas and Peoples’ Right to Food

Project: Climate Change, Economic Growth, and Conflict

Project: Psychology, Mental Health and Law: Integrating Psychological Knowledge in the Cambodia Trials

Project: Negotiating Climate Change

Project: Transnational Senegalese Migration, Integration and Development: A Comparative Analysis of Migrant Organisations in Four European Receiving Contexts

Project: Governance of Forests: Multiple Outcomes in the Bolivian Lowlands - Reconciling Livelihoods, Biodiversity Conservation and Carbon Sequestration

Project: Mainstream Migration, Scientific Diasporas and Development - Impact of Return Skilled Migration on Development in India

Project: Local communities’ access to justice and the state of Kenya - Impunity, Legal Pluralism and the Resolution of Conflicts

Project: Enhancing the Capabilities of the most Vulnerable: Pilot Project on inequalities in Human Development in Bamako and Accra

Project: Rethinking the Millenium Development Goals: Stakeholders' Perceptions and Strategic Choices

Project: Corporate Social Responsibility in the Electronics Manufacturing Industry: the Implications of 'Soft Governance' for Labor Standards

Project: International Law and Migration Detention: Coding State Adherence to Norms

Project: A History of Health Systems in Africa: Swiss Mission Hospitals and Rural Health Delivery in the 20th Century

Project: Beyond Economics: Estimating the Political Gains from Trade Agreements

Project: Death in Custody - towards an International Framework for Investigation and Prevention

Project: Migration Partnerships: A Step towards the Global Governance of International Migration?

Project: Staying or Leaving? Migration in the Life Plans of Western African Students: Case Studies in Abidjan, Niamey and Saint-Louis

Project: Bilateral Talks Switzerland – European Union: Agenda-setting and Framework Agreement

Project: The Impact of Emotion Language on International Negotiation (ELIN)

Project: The Role of Private Business in Global Governance - An Analysis of Corporate Citizenship Approaches of MNCs and SMEs participating in the UN Global Compact

Project: Development Myths in Practice: the ''Femininisation'' of Anti-poverty Policies and International Organisations. The Cases of Brazil, the Philippines and Mozambique