The Governing Committee

The Governing Committee heads the Swiss Network for International Studies and the bodies created within. It validates the selection of projects qualified for funding made by the Scientific Committee and approves the evaluations made by the juries of the SNIS awards.

The Governing Committee defines the long term strategy of the SNIS.
It includes representatives of SNIS founding institutions as well as of SNIS founding partners. 

The Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee selects research projects submitted in the annual call for projects. It evaluates the funded projects in their intermediary phase and their final version.

The Scientific Committee, that acts as an independent body, unites established scholars, all of them recog- nised experts in their respective field of competence.

The International Geneva Committee

The  International Geneva Committee is composed of high-level representatives of International Organizations (IOs) in order to establish a link between Swiss scientists and IO's headquartered in Geneva.

The main function of the International Geneva Committee is to define the yearly thematic issue for the SNIS call for projects. It furthermore acts as a Jury of the International Geneva Award. Finally, it contributes to a series of round-table debates taking place at various universities in Switzerland. 

SNIS Award Jury

The Jury for the "SNIS Award for the best thesis in international studies" is composed of 6 scholars from the domain of international studies and practice. They come from various disciplinary backgrounds and from a variety of different Swiss and international institutions. The jury is independent in its decisions and convenes annually to determine the winner of the Award by consensus.

The Secretariat

The Secretariat is the executive body of the Swiss Network for International Studies. It implements the decisions taken by the Governing Committee.

The Secretariat organises the annual call for projects and supports the Scientific Committee. It involves the Academic Council of International Geneva in its activities with the objective to create a network between IOs and researchers in Switzerland.