SNIS Award 2017

The submission for the SNIS AWARD 2017 - rewarding the best thesis in international studies defended in a Swiss University in 2016 is currently open.


SNIS Award, valued at 10000.- CHF


Submitted PhD theses can deal with a wide range of academic disciplines, such as political science, economics, sociology, social and cultural anthropology, law, history, geography, environmental sciences, and related areas. In fact, the SNIS considers that International Studies deal not only with the analysis of international relations, but with phenomena that transcend traditional national-state boundaries and which may be addressed by a large spectrum of academic disciplines.


Applications will be judged by a committee composed of experts in one or several areas relevant to International Studies as described above. A thesis that can convince the jury of its reach beyond disciplinary boundaries is a clear asset.


Formal criteria for submission:

  1. Entrants must have received their PhD degree in a Swiss University in the calendar year 2016. The relevant date is that of the presentation of the thesis or, in case the Faculty’s rules require a formal validation of the result, the date of the validation. 
  2. Entrants must have received either «summa cum laude» or a mark equal or superior to 5.5. If the thesis was defended in a University that does not use grades, the jury reports must be included with the application.  
  3. Entrants under 35 years at the time of the submission are preferred. Entrants do not need to be citizens or residents of Switzerland
  4. The research described in the thesis must be in the field of the International Studies, as defined above.
  5. The thesis must be written in either German, French or English.
  6. Theses based on multiple and co-authored papers are accepted. Papers written with members of the SNIS Governing Committee are not eligible.
  7. Theses written as part of a SNIS funded research project are not eligible.

NB: manuscripts are not returned to participants

Candidates fullfilling the above formal criteria shall:

  • Register on the website (pre-requisite for filling in the registration form).
  • Fill in the electronic registration form  (incl upload of an electronic version of the thesis and upload of two scanned supporting letters). For additional details regarding the submitting procedures please refer to the document SNIS Award 2017.
  • Send two hardcopies of their thesis to the postal address of the SNIS 
    • SNIS
      PO BOX 1672
      1211 Genève 1

The deadline for submission is 4 May 2017.