Time to look at girls: adolescent girls migration and development
Research Question:

What are the constraints and opportunies linked to migration for adolescent girls ? How do they affect their capacity to choose and to act to determine their future opportunities ?

The research explores the links between migration of adolescent girls and development in the Global South through a holistic approach that contextualises adolescents’ and young women’s agency, choices and migration experiences. More migrants move within their own region than migrate to North countries. This mixed-method and multi-sited research focuses on adolescent girls who migrate internally and internationally from Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Sudan. By considering different geographical realities, the research will explore variation in the impact adolescent girls’ migration has on their own lives, on their families and communities, and potentially on the social development of countries with different development scenarios. The research fills an existing gap in knowledge about the reasons adolescent girls migrate and their aspirations and experiences. It will provide insights into their agency and capacity to choose, their future opportunities, as well as constraints and how these are shaped contextually.The project will feed into the global campaign “Destination Unknown” recently launched by Terre des Hommes (TDH) who is a project partner. The research will contribute to global policy debates by producing policy relevant analysis, data and recommendations.


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Project Members

Name Role Department/Institute Institution
Katarzyna Grabska Coordinator Gender and Global Change Programme/ Global Migration Centre Institut de hautes Etudes internationales et du Développement - Graduate Institute Geneva
Alessandro Monsutti Co-Coordinator Anthropology and Sociology of Development / Global Migration Centre Institut de hautes Etudes internationales et du Développement - Graduate Institute Geneva
Chowdhury Abrar Principal Member RMMRU Refugee and Migratory Movement Research Unit Royal University of Dhaka
Balghis Badri Principal Member Institute of Women, Gender and Development Studies (IWGDS) Ahfad University for Women
Marina de Regt Principal Member Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Nicoletta Del Franco Principal Member Terre des Hommes
Mirela Shuteriqi Principal Member Terre des Hommes Lausanne Other
Ann Whitehead Principal Member Anthropology Department University of Sussex
Gervais Appave Associated Member Migration Policy and Research Programme IOM International Organisation for Migration
Wahida Banu Associated Member Aparajeyo Bangladesh Other
Jacqueline Barrin Associated Member Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies
Jerome Elie Associated Member Other
Ignacio Packer Associated Member Terre des Hommes Federation Other
Md Kamal Uddin Associated Member NGO ARBAN Association for the Realization of Basic Needs Other