Marcelo Clavijo Serrudo


Marcelo Clavijo studied forestry sciences and did a research work in the Lomerios, which is one of the selected study sites. His agroecological research is a community-based participative assessment of potentials, limitations and challenges of community forestry in the areas giving special attention to the relationships between social organization, forest management, biodiversity and non-timber products in the TCO Lomerio. Due to his work experience with AGRUCO, he has excellent knowledge of the area and very well developed social capital with the indigenous communities and authorities, which is an indispensable condition for successfully working in this study site. He is therefore considered as very well qualified to participate as a junior principal member of the team.


Clavijo Marcelo. 2010. Diagnostico Comunitario Participativo de Especies Forestales Maderables y No-Maderables de la TCO Lomerío. Facultad de Ciencias Agrícolas, Pecuarias, Forestales y Veterinarias. Escuela de Ciencias Forestales en Convenio con AGRUCO-CAPTURED, Cochabamba. Bolivia.

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Current position:
Junior Researcher
Université d'Agroécologie de Cochabamba