Winners of the 2010 International Geneva Award

Basing their evaluations on criteria such as richness, originality, and particularly the policy relevance to International Organisations, the jury of the Academic Council of International Geneva has finally decided to select three papers among the 25 submitted.

The Award Winners are:

  • Dr Manfred Elsig: "Principal-agent theory and the World Trade Organization: Complex agency and Missing Delegation /European Journal of International Relations" / (March 12, 2010): 1354066109351078.
  • Dr Olivia Keiser: "Switching to second-line antiretrovival therapy in resource-limited settings: comparison of programmes with and without viral load monitoring" /AIDS/ 23, no. 14 (9, 2009): 1867-1874.
  • Dr Didier Ruedin: "Ethnic Group Representation in a Cross-National Comparison" /The Journal of Legislative Studies / 15, no. 4 (n.d.): 335 – 354.

The Award ceremony took place in Geneva during the Launch Event of the SNIS tendering procedure for 2010,  on 30 September 2010.

A list of all submitted papers has been published here, some of which are available online.