Time to Look at Girls - Screening of the Research Documentary

Tuesday, 15 November, 2016 - 12:30
UNOG - Palais des Nations - Cinema XIV - Kazakh Room

Time to Look at Girls
Migrants in Bangladesh and Ethiopia

Documentary film - produced and researched by:
Katarzyna Grabska, Nicoletta Del Franco, and Marina de Regt
Directed by: Marco Speroni, 31'

Bangladesh and Ethiopia are two examples of countries where girls’ independent migration is on the rise. Why are adolescent girls migrating and what happens to them? How are the families and close ones affected? What are their dreams for the future?

The film explores the circumstances, decision-making, experiences and consequences of migration for adolescent girls in Bangladesh and Ethiopia. It is based on four parallel stories. This short film provides space for the powerful voices of the migrant girls, Lota and Sharmeen in Bangladesh, Tigist and Helen in Ethiopia, who speak about their own circumstances, experiences, dreams for the future.

Breaking away from the dominant focus on girls as victims of trafficking, this film gives evidence of the resilience, creativity and agency of young migrants girls who are faced with difficult choices.

The film is based on research funded by the Swiss Network of International Studies, Girl Effect Ethiopia, Terre des Hommes, University of Sussex, UK and the Feminist Review Trust.

Welcome and Introduction

  • Dr Bernhard Fuhrer, Director, Swiss Network for International Studies, Geneva

Presentation of the Documentary and Related Research

  • Dr Katarzyna Grabska, Senior Research Fellow, Global Migration Centre, The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva

  • Laura Cello, Girls Advocacy Alliance Officer, Terre des Hommes International Federation


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