Peter Messerli


P. Messerli is a human geographer focusing on human-environmental systems in developing countries. Thereby he is specifically interested in processes of rural transformations where land decisions are increasingly driven by globalized and distant decision-making processes. Peter Messerli has a long-standing experience in managing large-scale inter- and trans-disciplinary research projects (NCCR North-South) and in terms of designing and implementing policy dialogue and supporting evidence based decision making processes.


Messerli P, Heinimann A, Epprecht M. 2009. Finding Homogeneity in Heterogeneity – a New Approach to Quantifying Landscape Mosaics Developed for the Lao PDR. Human Ecology, 37(3). Schmidt-Vogt D, Leisz S, Mertz O, Hardiono M, Heinimann A, Messerli P, Thiha, Truon D M, Epprecht M. 2009. Assessment of Trends in the Extent of Swidden. Human Ecology, 37(3). Messerli P, Heinimann A, Epprecht M, Phonesaly S, Thiraka C, Minot N, editors. 2008. Socio-Economic Atlas of the Lao PDR – an Analysis Based on the 2005 Population and Housing Census. Swiss National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) North-South ed. Bern and Vientiane: Geographica Bernensis. Heinimann A, Messerli P, Schmidt-Vogt D, Wiesmann U. 2007. The Dynamics of Secondary Forest Landscapes in the Lower Mekong Basin: A Regional-Scale Analysis. Mountain Research and Development 27(3): 232 – 241. Messerli P. 2004: Alternatives à la culture sur brûlis sur la Falaise Est de Madagascar: Stratégies en vue d'une gestion plus durable des terres. African Studies Series A17, Geographica Bernensia, Berne, 348 p. + ann.

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Current position:
Centre for Development and Environment
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Universität Bern