Kenneth Scheve


Kenneth F. Scheve is Professor of Political Science and Co-Director of the Leitner Program in International & Comparative Political Economy at Yale University. His research interests are in international and comparative political economy and comparative political behavior. His research has been published in numerous academic journals including the American Journal of Political Science, the American Political Science Review, International Organization, World Politics, and many others. He is the author, with Matthew Slaughter, of the book entitled, Globalization and the Perceptions of American Workers (Institute for International Economics, 2001) examining American public opinion about the liberalization of trade, immigration, and foreign direct investment policies.


Scheve, Kenneth F. and Eric Dickson. 2010. "Social Identity, Electoral Institutions, and the Number of Candidates." British Journal of Political Science 40: 349-375 Scheve, Kenneth F. and Matthew Gabel. 2007. "Estimating the Effect of Elite Communications on Public Opinion Using Instrumental Variables." American Journal of Political Science 51: 1013-1028. Scheve, Kenneth F. and David Stasavage. 2006. "Religion and Preferences for Social Insurance." Quarterly Journal of Political Science 1: 255-286. Scheve, Kenneth F. and M.J. Slaughter. 2004. "Economic Insecurity and the Globalization of Production." American Journal of Political Science 48: 662-674. Scheve, Kenneth F. and M. J. Slaughter. 2001. "Labor Market Competition and Individual Preferences Over Immigration Policy." Review of Economics and Statistics 83: 133-145.

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