Eva G. T. Green


Dr. Eva Green is a senior lecturer (MER) at University of Lausanne. At the crossroads of social, cross-cultural and political psychology, her research interests focus on intergroup relations (e.g., prejudice, power relations, political identities) in multicultural societies. Her research is mainly informed by survey, experimental and mixed methods approaches. She is associate editor for European Journal of Social Psychology and vice president of the International Society of Political Psychology.


Green, E. G. T. (2009). Who can enter? A Multilevel Analysis on Public Support for Immigration Criteria across 20 European Countries. Group Processes & Intergroup Relations, 12, 41-60.

Green, E.G.T., Fasel, N., & Sarrasin, O. (2010). The more the merrier ? The effects of type of cultural diversity on exclusionary immigration attitudes in Switzerland. International Journal of Conflict and Violence, 4, 177-190

Green, E. G. T., & Staerklé, C. (2013). Migration and multiculturalism. L. Huddy, D. O. Sears, & J. Levy (Eds.) Oxford handbook of Political Psychology (pp. 852-889). Oxford University Press.

Sarrasin, O. Green, E. G. T., & Fasel, N., Christ, O., Staerklé, C., & Clémence, A. (2012). Opposition to anti-racism laws across Swiss municipalities: A multilevel analysis. Political Psychology, 33, 659–681.

Thomsen, L., Green, E. G. T., & Sidanius, J. (2008). We will hunt them down: How Social Dominance Orientation and Right-Wing Authoritarianism fuel ethnic persecution of immigrants in fundamentally different ways. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 44, 1455-1464.

Contact Information

1030 Lausanne


Current position:
Senior Lecturer
Social Psychology department, Institute of Psychology
Academic Institution:
Université de Lausanne