Conference "Critical appraisals of Global Governance"

Thursday, 10 June, 2010 (All day) to Friday, 11 June, 2010 (All day)
Institute of Political Science, University of Lucerne


One peculiarity of Swiss studies in international relations is the relative scarceness of critical research, including, for example, social constructivism, critical theory, feminist theory, historical materialism, post-colonial theory. To address this peculiarity the “Critical Voices in Swiss IR” annual conferences were launched in 2008, aiming to bring together the small but growing community of Swiss scholars undertaking broadly defined ‘critical’ research in international studies, to promote a dialogue on the particularity of Swiss International Studies, and to establish a network of scholars in International Studies in Switzerland undertaking such research. These annual conferences feature keynote lectures by internationally renowned scholars, thematic panel sessions and a roundtable on the peculiarity of Swiss International Studies. The 2010 conference is dedicated to critical appraisals of the concept of global governance, which is widely used in international studies. Scholars from various theoretical backgrounds have criticised this concept and suggested modifications or alternatives, such as Foucauldian notions of governmentality and bio-power, neo-Gramscian understandings of world orders and hegemony, or feminist analyses of spheres of production and reproduction. The aim of this conference is to address the question whether, and to what extent, the concept of global governance is useful to analyse global affairs and global transformations in today’s world. The roundtable will address the potential significance of Switzerland for critical studies on global governance. The main sponsor for the 2010 conference is the Swiss Network for International Studies (SNIS), co-sponsors are the CRII of the University of Lausanne, the CSS of the ETH Zurich, and the Political Science Institute of the University of Lucerne. Confirmed speakers include Thomas Biersteker (IHEID), Jean-Christophe Graz (UNIL), Elizabeth Prügl (IHEID).

Organising Committee:

Dr. Rahel Kunz (UNILU), Prof. Sandra Lavenex (UNILU), Prof. Jean-Christophe Graz (UNIL), Jonas Hagmann (ETH Zürich), Dr. Bashkim Iseni (UNIL) 

If you are interested to participate, please register at polsem@unilu.ch before 30 May 2010.