Political Science

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Project Environmental Change and Migration: The Role of Urbanization in Conflict Processes
Project Engendering migration, development and belonging: The experiences of recently arrived Afghans in Europe
Project Gig economy and its Implications for Social Dialogue and Workers' Protection
Project Effectiveness of Partnerships for Sustainable Development – Behavioral Pathways and Impacts
Project Social and Solidarity Economy, Urban Communities and the Protection of Vulnerable Groups
Project Telecommunications Politics in Authoritarian Developing Countries - Development, Control and Ownership in the African Information and Communications Technology Sector
Project Environmental Exposures, Health Effects and Institutional Determinants of Pesticide Use in Two Tropical Settings
Project Civil Wars and State Formation
Project Food Price Volatility: Political Causes, Effects on Hunger and Poverty, Sustainable Solutions
Project Evaluating the Impact of Asylum Policies on Refugee Integration in Europe
Project Diffusion of International Law: A Textual Analysis of International Investment Agreements
Project Intertemporal Fairness in Global Climate Cooperation
Project New Plantations: Migrant Mobility, ‘Illegality’ and Racialisation in European Agricultural Labour
Project How to Break the Gridlock in Global Health Governance
Project Feminist Analysis of Social and Solidarity Economy Practices: Views from Latin America and India
Project Individual-Level Attitudes towards Immigrants over Time and across Contexts
Project Mapping controversial memories in the historic urban landscape: a multidisciplinary study of Beijing, Mexico City and Rome
Project The Politics of Informal Governance
Project A "Social Clause" through the Back Door? Labor Provisions in Preferential Trade Agreements
Project Civilian Victimization and Conflict Escalation