Call for Projects 2016

Full description (pdf) 

The SNIS offers project grants for pluri-disciplinary research teams. The project grants run for two years and range from 100’000 to 300’000 Swiss Francs. Eligible institutions can submit project proposals that qualify as:

  1. International studies: Projects carry out research on global issues that are either relevant in the international arena or at least concern multiple countries simultaneously. The SNIS considers that International Studies deal not only with the analysis of international relations, but also with political, economic, social, environmental, legal, health, scientific and development issues.
  2. Pluri-disciplinary studies: Projects are pluri-disciplinary and they can include disciplines from the social and natural sciences.

In addition to the above criteria, the SNIS strongly enourages collaborations with International Organizations and NGOs.

Thematically, submissions can be made in one of the following two sections: 

  • General call: In any area of international studies as defined above.
  • Special theme 2016: Implementing the sustainable development goals (SDGs) with the following sub-themes:
    • trade-offs challenges and complexities among the different SDG goals i.e. what financial resources are available? which goals can be achieved with available funds? what “sacrifices” have to be made?

    • developing dependable, scalable and economically viable indicators for the SDGs

    • Geneva’s (institutions) role(s) in implementing the SDGs

    • the role of ICTs in implementing the SDGs

    • the role of the private sector in implementing the SDGs

    • the role of technology transfer in implementing the SDGs

Submission deadline: 20th January 2016, 13:00 (GMT +1)


Existing users can submit new projects via their mySNIS page.

New users need to create a new account.


For detailed instructions on how to submit please consult the support page.