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Winners of the SNIS Award 2017

Library_University of Geneva

The SNIS Award 2017 for the best PhD thesis in international studies, prized at CHF 10'000, has been awarded ex aequo to

Dr Julien Debonneville (University of Geneva), for his thesis entitled "Les écoles de la servitude aux Philippines: des carrières migratoires de travailleuses domestiques aux processus d'altérisation. Pour une approche socio-anthropologique des études postcoloniales", and to

Dr Roxana Radu (The Graduate Institute), for her thesis entitled "Global Rules for Emerging Issue Domains: Negotiating the Governance of the Internet"

The Jury has highlighted the remarkable interdisciplinary quality of both award winning theses that were selected out of twenty-six submissions.

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Screening of “Dhōdār – The Dilemma” at Franklin University Switzerland

Franklin University Lugano

The SNIS produced documentary “Dhōdār – The Dilemma” has recently been screened and discussed with the Political Discourse Society of Franklin University in Lugano. Professors and students discuss in interviews the opportunities and limits offered by documentaries in academic teaching and learning.


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Integrating Young Migrants in Switzerland: Public Policies Meet Private Initiatives

Manifestation pour le droit des migrant-e-s, Lausanne, 2015, photo credit: Gustave Deghilage

Up-coming Brown Bag Lunch Seminar 

Monday, 8 May 2017 - 12:15-13:45
University of Neuchâtel, avenue du 1er-Mars 26, Salle B32

This first event of the series on the topic of migration in the lens of the sustainable development goals is organised jointly with the "NCCR - on the move" (National Center of Competence in Research - The Migration-Mobility Nexus) at the University of Neuchâtel. Discussions will focus on the integration of young migrants and their future life in Switzerland. Presentations will include an overview of integration approaches in different host countries and situate Switzerland within this landscape of policy responses. It will furthermore showcase local, private initiatives that fosters the intercultural exchange of young migrants and the local population.

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SNIS Award 2017

SNIS Award for the best thesis in international studies

The 2017 edition of SNIS Award that rewards the best PhD thesis in international studies received in a Swiss university is now open for entries. In line with the SNIS objective to give support to outstanding young researchers at the beginning of their career and to promote the interdisciplinary field of international studies, the envelope of this prestigious award has been increased to CHF 10’000. Candidates must have received their PhD degree in a Swiss University in he calendar year 2016, with “summa cum laude”, or a mark equal or superior to 5.5. Theses can be written in French, English or German.

Submission deadline: 4 May 2017

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Uncovering changing prescriptions and practices around organic agriculture in Metro Manila, the Philippines

The recent article published in the journal “Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems” has resulted from the SNIS Project “(Un)sustainable Food Consumption Patterns in South/South East Asia”. The authors (Marlyne Sahakian, Tiphaine Leuzingerand Czarina Saloma) consider through the lens of social practice theories the emergence of organic food in the Philippines and relate this to sustainable food production and consumption. In particular, they analyze the various practices of groups engaged in “organic” food production and consumption in the capital region, Metro Manila—in a country that has a vibrant organic agriculture movement and which has recently introduced a national law promoting organic food. Using qualitative data, the researchers assess the development of new prescriptions or guidelines and the tensions that arise between prescriptions and public policies. They argue that, as people take on new competencies and meanings in relation to organic produce, social inequalities among consumers are highlighted, affecting the trajectories of organic food.


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